Saffron Road
Gourmet Halal frozen foods
Agency: Bright Design

Prima Cinema
Premium entertainment delivery system
Agency: The UXB

Julian's Recipe
European-inspired frozen foods
Agency: Bright Design

Xao Xao
Upscale Asian-Fusion cuisine
Agency: The UXB

Poppy + Finch
Lifestyle Brand
Agency: Sakamoto Studio

Liquid Salt
Online surfing magazine
Agency: Sakamoto Studio


Taglines are like icing on a cake. It adds both richness and flavor to your brand. It can also leave a sweet impression, too.

Quilt With Love
RJR Fabrics
Agency: Pacific Coast Advertising

Nourish Your Soul.
Ondine - Shower + Bath Fixtures
Agency: Bright Design

Be Good to Yourself.
Alexia - Gourmet frozen foods
Agency: Bright Design

It's Your Thing.
Memorex - Consumer Products
Agency: Jefferson/Acker

Come to Your Senses.
American Leather - Premium furniture company
Agency: Velocity Marketing

Maximize Your Wardrobe.
My Fashion Plate - Closet organization
Agency: The UXB

Take Your Cleats to The Streets.
Cleatskins - Slipcovers for athletic shoes
Agency: The UXB

Truth in Fashion.
Swatfame Inc. - Fashion manufacturer
Agency: The UXB