Here’s what people are saying about working with me and the results they have received.

Glenn is a genius.  His work is astonishingly creative and amazingly effective.  His commitment to understanding us and our company resulted in a game-changing identity that captured our culture perfectly.  Working with Glenn was a transformative experience and his ideas continue to inspire our work on a daily basis.
Judith Kilthau + Ahren Lembke-Windler, Llama

Glenn spearheaded the brand development and logo for PRIMA Cinema. The resulting identity was thoughtful and well received by our target high-end theater market and partners, including Hollywood Studios and Custom Home Theater Integrators. I highly recommend Glenn's work.

Albert Chow, Prima Cinema

Glenn was great to work with and all the ideas were refreshing. He helped us upgrade our branding and got us to focus on how to expand our market. Thank you for digging in and finding out who we really are and RJR’s place in the market we serve. My experience working with you exceeded all expectations.
Rick Cohan, CEO, RJR Fabrics

Glenn was great to work with and his laid back attitude was refreshing. He really helped us upgrade our brand through both logo and our catalog design and the response was unbelievable. It felt like our branding finally matched our products and everything clicked. I loved the way he backed up his designs with thoughtful research. I could tell that he was really listening when I talked to him about the brand and where the inspiration came from.
Matthew Jung, Founder and CEO, Wellen Surf

My experience working with Glenn far exceeded my expectations.  He was able to grab my vision and transform it into an elevated yet simplistic masterpiece.  He is truly an artistic genius. We are so happy and grateful with the rebranding of our product line. 
Kevin Khalili, Founder, Dr. Khalili, LLC

Glenn offered many innovative ideas and brilliant design options while taking the market and industry into account. Glenn was open minded to my own ideas as well and together we made a great team. I would definitely work with him again on future projects and would recommend anyone else to as well.
Steven Singer, Founder and CEO, Live. Love. Snack.

Why have I trusted Glenn with my client’s brand identities for over 20 years? It’s his work. You’ll find it evocative, persuasive, elegant and much more. It’s no wonder Glenn is who big time design firms turn to when good isn’t good enough. For ordinary work you’ll simply have to go elsewhere.
Julian Ryder, Chief Creative Officer, The Right Brain Project

Glenn not only has stellar design skills, but a brain to go with them. Design is problem solving. He provides solutions that are smart, thorough, passionate and true. His proof is the success of your brand.
Tommy Steele, former Creative Director, Capitol Records

Glenn helped on the Fresh & Easy Markets launch for Tesco. He delivered some clever identity solutions that opened up many opportunities for packaging and retail signage. Glenn also designed a distinct wayfinding signage for the stores that added a unique layer of energy. I've known Glenn for over 20 years and I'm really glad that we were able to work on such a large project together. I look forward to collaborating in the near future.
Ross Patrick, former SVP, Design Director at Deutsch, Inc.

I have worked with Glenn as a coworker and freelancer for nearly a decade. Glenn brings a fresh perspective to each new engagement, delivering deceptively simple, yet wonderfully impactful design concepts.
Christian Klawitter, Principal, Bright Design

Glenn is one of the most talented designers I've had a privilege to work with.  His work is innovative and inspirational, his visual and verbal talents par excellence.  The strategic thinking and problem solving ability he possesses is what delivers the assignments on target every time.
Tuire Kontianen, Principal, Bright Design

Glenn is the most amazing person you would want to work with. He is a problem solver that understands that a great solution is about visualizing the project criteria in a unique way.
Michael Rey, Founder, Intersection Studio

Glenn is a brilliant problem solver and is able to take on any assignment and deliver solutions on time in a professional manner.
Rod Dyer, President, Rod Dyer Group

Glenn is not only the epitome of the consummate designer’s designer, but he understands how the business world intersects with art and design. He brings to the table on every project a contagious enthusiasm and intelligence that elevates the client, as well as their target market that ultimately manifests results. Beyond being a cool guy, a devoted family man, he’s got a great sense of humor and maturity.
Stan Evenson, Founder, Evenson Design Group

I have worked with Glenn often over a period of many years. He’s intelligent, thoughtful and solves problems in a strategic, creative and unique way. He’s always been someone I can rely upon.
Andy Frank, President, Ryder Communications

Glenn has a strong strategic point-of-view which takes complex branding and marketing issues and turns them into simple, brilliant design solutions. It’s a rare talent that has become ever more important in a world filled with an overwhelming number of messages and media options.
NJ Goldston, Founder, The UXB