Why greet the world with a video?

Videos are vehicles for visual storytelling. They’re powerful because they do more than just tell people stuff; instead, they give you the ability to show an audience what you’re all about. You can create an emotional connection and, in turn, an emotional response, one that will drive people to connect with your story — and your business.

In the case of a business video, you can get started in a few ways: you can introduce people to your brand, demonstrate how a product or service will work, or simply spark conversations with engaging shorts. Seeing is believing, and you want people to believe in your company. That’s where making a great, shareable video that can go to bat for your business comes into play. (text from Story & Heart)


Kris Hall

José Barahona


Cindy Whitehead


Reynolds Yater Event


Caroline Kircher


Shawn O’Brien